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Corporate Wellness

Many employers have adopted wellness programs to lower the overall cost of health care benefits. In a recent survey by benefits consultant Towers Watson and the National Business Group on Health (“NBGH”), 67 percent of employers identified “employees’ poor health habits” as one of their top three challenges to maintaining affordable health coverage (National Business Group on Health, 2010). More than half of all US employers and the vast majority of large US employers are offering workplace wellness programs.  Why?

Benefits of a Workplace Wellness Program

  • Reduce Health Care Costs - lower medical claim costs and Workers’ Compensation premium 
        This article from Harvard Business Review discusses employer savings in more detail

  • Decrease Absenteeism - improve workforce efficiency with fewer employees to produce the same work
  • Increase Productivity - improve workforce efficiency with energized, mentally sharp, creative employees
  • Increase Retention - generate good will, increase dedication and effort, reduce recruiting and training

Wellness Services

Programs are customized to reflect your preferences, budget, and objectives. We strive to understand your employee behavioral change dynamics, so that your program can be structured in a way that inspires participation and behavioral change among employees.

Wellness activities may be at your site of employment, at a community event, on the phone or online. Requests for specific activities are welcome and encouraged. Activities may include events such as the following:
  • Cooking demonstration, with samples for everyone
  • Lunch and Learn - click here for a description of common topics
  • Health Fair
  • Walking Challenge
  • Weight Loss Challenge
  • Individual and Group Health Coaching
  • Community Running Event
  • Onsite Yoga
  • Onsite Massage
  • Ask the Coach Online Forum 

Are you interested in discussing a wellness program for your employees. Email or call (856) 562-9979.


The wellness team has really done an outstanding job! They work hard to make sure that there are a huge variety of activities to take part in and spread them across the whole year ... Corporate client

Some best practices to pass along - the wellness team has done an outstanding job! ... Corporate client

I loved your presentation! It was filled with vital information that everyone can use and in a non-threatening way ... Sandra

Ever since I went to your lunch and learn class, I have been making changes...You inspired me from the first day ... Van
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